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Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Price Set At $250?

Earlier today, we had written about a leaked Verizon document that revealed the price of the Motorola Xoom tablet to be $799.99. While Verizon might have missed the customer expectation here by possibly launching the device at a price $70 higher than the equivalent iPad, it doesn’t seem to have missed the trick with HTC Thunderbolt.

The documents have also given us details regarding the price of the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. Accordingly, the minimum advertised price of the new Android 2.2 handset is likely to be $249.99. This price is expected to stay for the period between January 21 and July 21.

At this price, the device is of course expected to come with a two year warranty period. However, the features are pretty exciting which means the $250 price point is quite worth the money. In case you are not aware of the features still, here is a link to all that we know thus far.

Are you looking forward to the launch?

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