HTC Sense UI Browser Privacy Issue Detected

Seems like HTC is battling one issue after another. Soon after we had reported bottom screen separation issues in the new HTC EVO 4G comes reports that the company’s native Sense UI may have some inherent flaws that can compromise the privacy of the user.

Users may be aware of the Sense bookmarking widget on HTC handsets that take periodic snapshots of the user’s browser to be offered as a quick reference. Folks at Boy Genius Report are reporting that these snapshots may stay on the user’s handset even after a master reset is effected. Their article suggests that the snapshots, which reside at .bookmark_thumb1 subfolder of the emmc folder fails to get deleted when a master reset is set. Consequently, it can mean that confidential information like SSN or bank account details may be passed on to the handset’s new user if these details are captured in the snapshots.

HTC is expected to issue an update to rectify the issue shortly.

[via BGR]