HTC myTouch 1.2 To Come With Expresso, Swype Input

I am not very sure about the credibility of this rumor, but folks at Android Community report “creditable sources” as revealing that the HTC myTouch 1.2 could be launching with Expresso and Swype Input.

You might have heard of Swype. It is an upcoming technology founded by the developer of the popular T9 dictionary that claims to improve the speed of typing on your mobile phone. Here is quick video that will give you a nice idea of how it works.

Expresso, as Android Community notes is HTC’s own version of Android 2.1 with more features like Sense UI. If these rumors are true, then myTouch 1.2 is definitely something to watch out for…though I still have my doubts on whether Swype is really that new-age technology that it is hyped to be.

[via Android Community]