HTC Lexikon May Soon Become HTC Droid From Verizon

Pictures of an upcoming phone from HTC is doing the round and the word is that this could be the next Droid from Verizon. HTC Lexikon, as the phone is known now is an Android 2.2 handset that comes with a 3.8-inches WVGA 480×800 pixel resolutions display, a 512MB RAM, a chipset that runs at 800MHz and camera that can capture pictures a 5-megapixel resolution. The phone will have a physical QWERTY slider keyboard and will include a physical storage of 4GB (microSD support may come).

New HTC Droid?

The specifications are great though I wouldn’t call it anything better than the Galaxy S or iPhone 4. Also, do note that while this rumor may probably confirm that the HTC Lexikon is coming to Verizon, the Droid rebranding is not a surety. Verizon is pretty choosy when it comes to branding a phone as the Droid and so while there are always new Android handsets coming to Verizon, not everything gets to be called  a Droid.

But would you like it being the next Droid?