HTC EVO 4G Unresponsive TouchScreen To Be Addressed In A Patch

There have been several online posters who have observed that their new HTC EVO 4G phone has some issues in registering touch input – especially when the phone is grounded. Several videos (you can find one below) and forum postings have noted this issue with the new HTC smartphone.

According to reports on BGR, HTC has acknowledged that the touch screen sensitivity issue has been plaguing several users from arid regions and that the company is working on a software patch that will fix this issue.

HTC has not had a good night’s sleep in a while. Just a few days back, we had reported of another issue with HTC EVO 4G where customers noticed the bottom part of the screen separating out. The company has however dismissed it as “minor” at this point though they are learned to have made fixes to the assembly line to prevent the occurence of this issue in future productions.

[via BGR]