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HTC EVO 4G Price : $199?

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that will verify the authenticity of this claim. However, an interesting rumor doing the rounds is that HTC EVO 4G shall be made available on Sprint with a 2 year contract at a price of $199.

According to Darrin Morton from Ozcarguide, the information was revealed by a ‘Geek Squad’ member at Best Buy. Morton writes,

“A Best Buy rep, from the Geek Squad, had advised that they will be selling the HTC Evo 4G on a $199 Sprint contract plan. He had no further information other than this but we can deduce it must be the 2 year plan. So now that we know it is priced similar to the Verizon HTC Incredible (and the now defunct Verizon Nexus One), it looks like the final decision would be based on which carrier you prefer.”

Take the news with guarded skepticism for now.

[via OzcarGuide]

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