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HTC Droid Incredible AMOLED Display Becomes SLCD

The extreme short supply of OLED variant screens has been affecting the distribution of quite a few handsets. Just a few weeks back, I had written about HTC deciding to do away with the OLED screens on its Desire smartphone to replace it with what they called Super LCD. Looks like the strategy has worked. The company, it is learned now, has now decided to follow the same trick for the Droid Incredible. The transition to SLCD displays on the Droid Incredible is expected to happen by the end of this month.

The announcement should however not affect existing owners even if they went for a replacement. Such users who will need a replacement after the new production plan goes into effect can request for a Certified Like-New Replacement [CLNR] device that will get them an Incredible with AMOLED displays.

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