HTC Droid Incredible Browser Privacy Issue Fix On The Way

It is sad that for a company that makes some of the best smartphones in the market, the last four articles here have all been about issues and bugs. First, it was about an isolated bottom screen separation issue that was noticed on HTC EVO 4G phones. Recently, we also heard about a touch screen response issue detected on the EVO.

Besides these, we had also written last week about a browser privacy issue on Droid Incredible that prevented web page thumbnails from being deleted from memory even after a system reset.

HTC has now revealed that the company has identified the source of the issue and is working on a software fix that shall be pushed to devices shortly. The announcement also makes it clear that this is an issue specific to the Droid Incredible and that other devices with Sense UI did not have the same problem.

HTC Droid Incredible Browser Privacy Issue

[via BGR]