HTC Desire Display To Change To SLCD From OLED

HTC has been selling a lot of handsets lately, but the company may apparently be feeling the heat from the supply constraints on the OLED display that it has been using on many of its flagship handsets, including HTC Desire.

The supply shortage has meant that HTC has taken an important decision to replace the OLED display on HTC Desire to Sony’s “Super LCD” screen – shortly named SLCD. So, how is this different? According to reports on the IntoMobile website, SLCD is very similar to the IPS display technology that is being used on the iPhone 4 and iPad, though there are a few minor differences.

Will this business decision create a huge impact the sale of its devices? Unlikely. But it will be interesting to see if this raises the sale volumes or pulls it down.

3 thoughts on “HTC Desire Display To Change To SLCD From OLED”

  1. @Datecover
    Most people say indeed that the battery life will be longer with SLCD. Another point I know for sure is in direct sunlight SLCD (Super LCD) is much better compare to Amoled screen.

  2. I have noticed a difference in HTC DEsire screens. The newer phones have a much cooler colour temp compared to the original ones. TBH the new screens are nowhere near as good as the old ones. The contrast on them is rubbish and side by side they just look rubbish compared to the original screen.

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