HTC Desire 2 Is Not on Android 2.4 ?

We are all aware by now that the much awaited HTC Desire 2 smartphone would be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. The pictures of the HTC Desire 2 appeared on the Android forum only to show that the smartphone is running on Android 2.3 and not the much speculated Android 2.4. As per the images posted on the forum, the phone shows the usual dark grey notification which we are familiar with on the Android 2.3 or Gingerbread running phones. According to the forum, the phone’s specs are the Gingerbread OS, HTC 2.0 user interface, front an drear cameras, dual core processor, iGB built-in memory and the AMOLED 3.8″ touchscreen.

While Viewsonic has already announced the launch of their tablet Viewpad on at the MWC that would be running 2.4, rumor had it that the HTC Desire 2 would also be on the same lines. But, the latest images suggest otherwise.