HTC Liberty – Same As AT&T Aria?

Late last month, we wrote about a new HTC phone called Aria. The Android 2.1 handset was rumored to be launching on AT&T on June 7. Well, while the June 7 launch never happened, we are now beginning to hear that the phone may actually be called HTC Liberty.

This is courtesy a few leaked shots of the latter which seem to be extremely similar to the specs and features of HTC Aria. AndroidCentral writes,

“Courtesy of ROM-chef extraordinaire Conflipper, we find this render of the HTC Liberty, which looks to be very similar to some leaked shots we saw of the Aria. User-agent profiles for both devices (Liberty | Aria) show a 320×480 touchscreen (we can hear developers grumbling already at that resolution).

Otherwise, not too much to go on just yet, and who’s to say what name — assuming any of this pans out — AT&T gives the phone, and when it might ever see the light of day.”

[via Android Central]