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HTC App Store For eBooks And Apps To Launch Soon?

HTC has grown to become one of the more popular handset manufacturers after Android grew into prominence. While the company is basically a handset manufacturer, HTC has also known to deal quite a bit with the software that runs on their devices. HTC handsets are well known for the trademark Sense UI that lace each of their phones despite the underlying platform. The company had recently even launched a web portal that would let users remotely control their mobile phones.

Now going a step ahead in this direction, the company is learned to be building a team that will launch an online app store shortly. The app store will presumably sell ebooks, applications and possibly other downloads that will be available universally across all HTC handsets.

This is definitely exciting news and although one may feel that the world does not need yet another app store, given the volume of HTC handsets already in the market today, the developer community may be looking forward to this new launch.

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