A HP WebOS Netbook Not In The Radar

Just a few days back, Hewlett Packard CEO, Mark Hurd said that he wanted to see WebOS expand from being just a smartphone OS to reach newer form factors including tablets and printers.

Now, will that mean a WebOS based netbook is on the cards too? A report on Liliputing disagrees. In a recently published post, the website claims that a WebOS based netbook may sort of confuse the customers because people expect netbook to do all that a laptop does and that may not be possible if it is a WebOS based device. Brad from Liliputing writes,

“I’ve long suspected that a hurdle smartbooks and other Linux-based netbooks have to overcome is the fact that they look like laptops. And people expect laptops to do certain things — like run the applications they’ve been running on PC or Mac computers for ages including Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and so on.”

While the argument makes complete sense, I would still like a WebOS netbook simply for the sake of having more options. And there is certainly a market for this – a netbook, as it is obvious, is primarily to surf the internet and need not run Photoshop!

[via Liliputing]

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