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HP Slate Vs. Apple iPad : Features Comparison And Price

Ever since the “magical” and “revolutionary” iPad launched, employees at Hewlett Packard are reported to be unduly worried about their own effort going in vain. Engadget has caught hold of a slide from a recent presentation made to the employees at HP that tries to assuage them about the comparative advantages of their slate vis a vis the Apple iPad.

If the features listed are true, then we may be seeing a well truly magical device in the HP Slate. The device runs on a 1.6 GHz processor (1GHz on iPad), comes with two cameras (facing inward and outward) and runs a touch optimized version of the Windows 7 OS. The battery life is poorer though – just 5+ hours compared to iPad’s 10. I tell you, this is closer to my dream machine..Not the iPad, not any other iBrick. HP Slate is expected to be priced between $549 and $599.

HP Slate vs. Apple iPad

What do you think of the features?

[via Engadget]

2 replies on “HP Slate Vs. Apple iPad : Features Comparison And Price”

The Apple iPad seems like a glorified and oversized and overpriced? iPod Touch when you look at it in detail – it will have a polished user interface I’m sure, but it is locked down and the hardware can’t be utilized to its full potential due to the software limitations. The HP sounds better on paper and additional features but it might not have the same refined and user friendly interface, so users will have to weigh up whether they want to go for user experience at the cost of some significant freedom or that additional freedom and functionality for a possibly not as satisfying user experience with the interface.

HP seems to look really good and better than the iPad when it comes to expanding the memory and other criteria. But is it as user friendly as the iPad? That’s something a buyer should ponder on before trying to purchase the HP.

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