HP Slate Launch Date – Deferred To Next Year?

The Hewlett Packard Slate has taken a long time coming. It was one device that could truly challenge and in fact outdo Apple’s famed iPad that does not carry several rudimentary features, including a camera.

It is hence disappointing to learn that the Hewlett Packard Slate may not be launching their tablet PC by the end of this year. According to reports on the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D blog, the company may have “tabled the tablet” for now.

There is no definitive reason offered for the delay. However, it is being speculated that HP may be reconsidering their multiple-OS strategy to instead focus on a single platform. As you know, HP had announced the acquisition of Palm earlier this year. With that announcement, it is likely that HP may do away with its Android and Windows 7 tablet plans and instead focus solely on WebOS.

This is still speculation, though. And so greet this with skepticism.

One thought on “HP Slate Launch Date – Deferred To Next Year?”

  1. Go Rumors; I think you need to re-read the article. It did not say that the HP Slate was on hold. Only that HP had tabled the relationship with the Android operating system. The articles talks about HP possibly spreading itself thin trying to make slates for Windows 7 OS, Palm’s webOS, and Google’s Android OS. So the focus is still on the webOS to be released by Q3.

    This is how rumors get started.

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