Watch Hulu On Roku Media Player Soon [RUMOR]

If recent rumors are to be believed, Roku media players will soon allow users to stream television shows directly from the Hulu network. According to reports, the two companies may have signed an agreement to bring the service to the new platform. It is not clear if this agreement, assuming it’s true, is an exclusive one, though that appears to be the most logical option.

While this rumor will definitely get Roku customers excited, it needs to be taken with a large grain of salt for the moment. For one, the Hulu management has for long opposed to such platforms citing lowering margins. That’s one primary reason why Apple’s negotiations with NBC for Apple TV streaming broke down. Under such circumstances, it makes absolutely no sense for Hulu to sign up a similar deal with Roku.

Nevertheless, with companies neither confirming or denying these speculations, we will have to watch out for how the news pans out in coming days.

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