How To View Hulu From Outside USA Without Proxy Servers

Folks at LifeHacker have put up some interesting ways to access Hulu – the popular American TV shows video streaming website outside the United States. As you may know, Hulu is bound by several content licensing agreements that prevent free access outside USA. Additionally, even users inside USA are not permitted to view content on Hulu on TV or mobile devices without paying a premium.

So how do you start accessing Hulu from outside USA? Here are some steps to follow in layman terms

Step 1 : Install Mozilla Firefox. Once done, visit this page to download and install the Modify Headers add-on

Step 2 : On the Firefox browser, click on Tools -> Modify Headers

Step 3 : Click the drop-down box and select ‘Add’. In the first box, enter X-Forwarded-For. In the second box, enter the IP Address for which is Leave the third blank empty and click the ‘Add’ button to save.

Step 4 : If you are a Windows user, follow these steps. Mac or Linux users can click here to follow the corresponding steps

Step 5 : You are done. You can now access Hulu from outside US. However, this process may disable Flash and hence remember to enable the add-on only while accessing Hulu.