Use Blackberry As Flash Drive

Nobody carries a flash drive these days and it is always easy to get your Blackberry to double up as a flash drive to store important files, music,etc. Fortunately, unlike many other closed platforms, Blackberry makes it simple to turn your mobile phone into a USB driver for file  back up. Here is how you will proceed

Step 1 : Download the Blackberry USB and Modem Drivers package (ver 4.5 or ver 4.6) on to your desktop computer

Step 2 : After you download either of the two version files, double click to install the package on your computer

Step 3 : Activate the USB Mass storage mode on your Blackberry. To do so, navigate to Home Screen -> Options -> Media Card. Set the configuration as follows

Media Card Support: On
Encryption Mode: None
Mass Storage Mode Support: On
Auto enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected: Prompt
Total Space: 999.9MB
Free Space: 999.9MB

Step 4 : Plug your Blackberry device to your computer. You shall be prompted with “Do you want to activate USB Mass Storage Mode?“. Click on Yes

Step 5 : You’re done. Confirm this by visiting your Windows Explorer. You will now see your Blackberry as among the list of hard drives