Convert Nexus One Into USB Host

Have dozens of files stored up in USB drives? Sven Killig has hacked the new Android OS 2.2 on his Nexus One to transform his Android handsets into a USB hosting device. Using the new set up, Killig was able to watch movies from new accessory, connect a monitor using the DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapter and several other things.

To do this, Killig says he first rooted the Android 2.2 on his Nexus One before keying in a bit of his own code to enable the set up. Killig says that though this was done on Android 2.2, it may as well work on Android 2.1.

You can download the whole set up from his website by clicking here. Please be forewarned that rooting your handset can permanently impair your device and please proceed only if you are convinced of the potential risks.

Here is a video of the whole set up in action

[via SlashGear]