How To Tether Samsung Vibrant Without Rooting The Handset?

The sad part about having unlimited 3G data plans is that most of these plans come with no option to tether. This is understandable considering that wireless bandwidth is really limited and so such carriers cannot afford such extensive use of wireless data without compromising on network quality. A lot of users though, root their handsets, to enable such functionality. The compromise lies in running the risk of bricking your mobile phone.

If you own a Samsung Vibrant however, you can enable tethering on your smartphone without having to actually root your device. Folks at SamsungVibrantHacks have come up with this simple trick that will enable you to do so. Do note that this method will only work with Windows XP and Windows 7 based computers. So if you are a Mac freak – sorry, wait longer.

To get started, you will need the USB cable that will connect your Samsung Vibrant to the Windows-based computer. You can use Samsung’s Kies software to enable the tethering functions. To reiterate that this will only work on Vibrant and not the other Galaxy S cousins, remember to connect to for the APN name and *99# for the phone number. Don’t get it? Check out the video below.

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  1. I’m trying to tether my vibrant galaxy s but I dnt have the name of the web site to down load and rename. Cane some one help me?

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