How To Sync Palm Pre With Facebook

Syncing your Facebook account with Palm Pre can add all your Facebook friends to your contacts besides giving you instantaneous updates. Here is how you will do it

Step 1 : From Palm Pre, launch ‘Contacts’ and Click open ‘Preferences‘ -> ‘Accounts
Step 2 : You should see Facebook in the list. Tap on the link and enter your Facebook login credentials
Step 3 : Log into Facebook from another system, preferably a PC
Step 4 : Click on ‘Account‘ -> ‘Account Settings‘ -> ‘Notifications‘ -> ‘Other Applications‘ -> ‘Show More‘ (if needed)
Step 5 : Click on the ‘Facebook for Palm‘ option and select ‘ON’
Step 6 : Now launch ‘Contacts‘ on your Palm and open ‘Preferences & Accounts‘ -> ‘Sync Now
Step 7 : Now from your Palm Pre, tap on ‘Sync‘ in your Facebook account (small refresh sign on bottom right of phone)
Step 8 : It will take some time for the syncing to complete.