Websites To Find And Install Android Apps Online

Google is yet to launch an online Android store that will let you find and install Android apps from your computer without having to launch the market from your phone. That is coming soon though with some nice features like “Chrome to Phone” that will let you download apps directly from a Chrome browser already having been demoed by Google.

But till that happens, you can check out one of these four websites to help you in your Android app discovery efforts.

Androlib : This is one of the oldest online Android marketplaces. Every listed app also contains other details like ratings, download statistics and reviews. You can also directly point your Android phone at the QR code to start the download. Visit

AppBrain : This is yet another popular Android marketplaces on the internet. Apps are neatly categorized and also ranked based on their popularity over the past day, week or lifetime. There is also an Android app for AppBrain that is synced to the website. This way, you can bookmark the apps you need to download online and launch the AppBrain app to begin the download process. Visit

Cyrket : Cyrket is a more broad online marketplace in that you can find apps for both the Android as well as Palm platforms. The user interface is really simple and easy to use. Visit

AndroidZoom : This is one of the more recent launches and is pretty similar to the other marketplaces. In addition, the website will also mail the download link for the app to your email address so that you may click and install from your phone. Visit

Are there more online Android markets that you are aware of?