Install Android On Windows Mobile Phone

If you have a Windows Mobile Phone, here is a simple step by step process to install and boot Android on your phone. Please note that this procedure will not make Android your default OS. Instead, it will use a Windows Mobile Boot loader called HaRET to reboot your phone on Android. We have used HTC’s Windows Mobile phones for reference.

Step 1 : You will need the Google Android file that your phone model supports. You can simply google “Android port for XXXX” where XXXX is your phone model. For instance here are some Android

HTC Diamond
HTC Vogue
HTC Raphael

Step 2 : Download the HaRET executables by clicking here.

Step 3 : Extract all the zipped files to your computer

Step 4 : Plug your Windows Mobile phone to your Computer and navigate to the root folder

Step 5 : Transfer all the extracted files to your phone’s root folder (Please note that this has to be transferred to the root directory and not elsewhere). You will now have transferred these files

  • HaRET.exe
  • zImage (kernel file)
  • Initrd.gz
  • default.txt
  • rootfs.img
  • system.img/system.sqsh

Step 6 : Right click on the default.txt file and open it on a notepad

Step 7 : Read through the values and confirm if the phone model, screen resolution, internet access, etc have been appropriately set. You can google for the Boot Options for your phone model. Again, if you own a HTC phone, you can find them here. Once done, save and close the default.txt file

Step 8 : Unplug your phone from the computer and navigate through the file manager to locate HaRET.exe. Press RUN

Step 9 : You are done. Your Windows Mobile phone will reboot in Android mode.

[via MakeUseof]

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