How To Root T-Mobile G2 – Tethered Rooting Solution Revealed

T-Mobile G2 has just hit the market and a rooting guide for the device is already out. Folks at XDA Developers have once again brought about a step by step rooting instructions guide which will let new users of T-Mobile G2 to root their handsets. Why will you need this root? A big reason is that the new handset does not support mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and cannot do tethering. A rooted G2 will be able to acheive these tasks.

Do however note that this is a tethered root which means you will need to tether your device to a computer everytime you reboot your phone in order to retain the rooted device.

So here’s how you go about doing it. Do remember the usual disclaimers that this procedure can brick your device and can also void your warranty and hence this is entirely your own risk.

Step 1 : Install the latest Android SDK on your computer

Step 2 : Plug your T-Mobile G2 to a computer

Step 3 : Download this binary file and extract the tar file.

Step 4 : Open the Android ADK -> Tools folder and paste the binary file content here

Step 5 : On your Windows computer, go to Start -> Run and type cmd to enter the command prompt.

Step 6 : Here, navigate to the Android ADK -> Tools folder and enter the following commands

adb push rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin /data/local/tmp
adb shell
cd /data/local/tmp
chmod 0755 rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin

Step 7 : Now, on the G2, launch the terminal emulator application and type these commands

cd /data/local/tmp

Step 8 : You will now see a message that reads, “Forked #### childs.“. Here press the enter key

Step 9 : If you are on the $ prompt, type ps and confirm that you see a message that says it cannot be forked

Step 10 : Use the back button to exit the terminal emulator app. Launch any application on your G2 and launch terminal emulator again. Hit ‘Force Close‘ when prompted

Step 11 : Launch terminal emulator one more time. You can now see the root shell.

The rooting process is complete.

[via BlogsDNA]