Motorola Droid 2 Root Tutorial Now Available

So just two weeks after it was released in the market, the new Motorola Droid 2 Android phone has been rooted. And the credit, not too surprisingly, goes out to the folks at XDA Developers. The root basically involves installing the ADB files and Motorola drivers for Windows and then using the command prompt to hit out several commands that will eventually root the system. Of course, you can find the entire tutorial at XDA’s here.

Now, if you are newbie and are very determined to root, we would advise you to wait. According to the developers, the rooting procedure used for Droid 2 is not too different from the procedure used for Droid X. This means, a one-click easy rooting app for Droid 2 should become available pretty soon.

Rooting tutorial for Motorola Droid 2

Either way, rooting your phone can be extremely risky and you may even end up bricking your phone. So proceed at your own peril!