Permanent Root For HTC EVO Shift 4G Released

With dozens of new Android handsets being launched in the markets over the past few months, folks at XDA – the premier community for Android and other mobile platform hackers – must be having their hands full. Despite this, the community has announced that a permanent rooting solution for the newly launched HTC EVO Shift 4G has finally been released. The procedure itself is not entirely complicated and according to users who have already tried, the solution works like a charm.

Nevertheless, we must point out that rooting your Android handset can be extremely risky and could potentially brick your device besides voiding the manufacturer warranty. So, you are requested to go ahead with the rooting procedure only if you are a seasoned hacker and are aware of the potential risks. The complete rooting instructions are available on the XDA community here. Please don’t forget to tell us how it goes in the comments below.