How To Root HTC Droid Incredible?

Unrevoked has been a popular smartphone rooting tool among HTC manufactured Android 2.1 devices. The team of hackers have now introduced a very simple One-Click solution to root your new HTC Droid Incredible Android handset. Of course, technically the whole procedure is more than one step. But this is definitely a lot simple than many other rooting solutions.

Rooting your device is pretty simple. Visit Unrevoked’s page for Droid Incredible here and install the appropriate application (depending on whether you are on Windows, Mac or Linux). Run the application after you have connected your Droid Incredible to the computer and this will root your device.

However, here is a caveat to note. Rooting may not actually pan out as planned and you may also end up bricking your phone. Also, it is not clear if this application is compatible with the latest version of OTA that was released only recently. Either way, proceed with caution.