Restore iPhone Without iTunes With Upcoming TinyUmbrella Software

If you have been following the jailbreaking space, you will be aware of the software called TinyUmbrella that helps users to take backups of their iDevice’s SHSH blobs thereby preserving the baseband of their iPhone during iOS firmware updates.

Now Semaphore, the developer of TinyUmbrella has revealed that a new version of the popular software is in progress. Among the several things that this new software will achieve, one of the most significant updates shall be the ability to restore iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without having to connect to iTunes. On his blog, Semaphore writes,

“I’ve been working on a new and improved version of TinyUmbrella that will, among other things, allow you to restore your iDevice without iTunes.”

There is no ETA announced as yet. But let’s hope the new version is out at least by January.