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iTunes 10.1 Preferences To Remove/Disable Ping Available

Apple launched its music social network Ping last month and although the application has taken off quite well, several users are not really a fan of this service and have been looking to remove the application from iTunes. If you have iTunes 10.0.1 installed on your computer, you could check out our terminal hack to disable Ping.

Such hacks are not needed with the latest iTunes software since Apple has made official provisions to not only hide Ping from iTunes, but also disable it completely. Here is how you would do it.

Hide Ping On iTunes 10.1

Launch iTunes and go to Edit -> Preferences. On the General tab, check off ‘Ping‘ in the Show section. That will remove the Ping sidebar from your view.

Disable Ping On iTunes 10.1

Follow the same steps as mentioned above. In addition to this, on the Preferences window, hit the ‘Parental‘ tab and click on ‘Ping‘ in the Disable section. You have now successfully disabled Ping from iTunes.

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