How To Pre-Order Notion Ink Adam – Pricing & Mystery Feature Revealed

Notion Ink Adam is finally out and the pre-order will begin in a little under 2.5 hours from now. Remember the easter egg message posted on the Pre-order message that read, “For first 6 hours, the first one will get access and then we all!”? Explaining the same, Shravan has noted that pre-orders, that start at midnight of 10th December (Indian Standard Time) will be available to a selected list of users for the first 6 hours. After this, at 6:00 AM IST, it will be open to all other interested people. Probably, this will be from the website.

So who are the selected few who get the six hour headstart? Well, as Shravan had explained in his earlier post, blog readers who have commented till the earlier post are “family” who will get preferential treatment while pre-ordering. If you are one of those who have commented on the Notion Ink blog earlier, keep checking your inbox for a mail from Notion Ink that will give you instructions to pre-order.

Price : There are six variants that will range between $375.33 and $549.99. Here is the complete pricing list.

LCD Wi-Fi : $375.33
LCD Wi-Fi + 3G version : $425.33 (for limited period?)
Pixel Qi Wi-Fi starting at $499.45
Pixel Qi Wi-Fi + 3G startig at $549.99

There are two versions of 3G each – the 900 and 850 series that bring the total variants to 6.

Mystery Feature : There are more than one mystery feature that are apparently “locked” in the device. These features shall be unlocked via a software update every fortnight. This is apparently a way for Notion Ink to stay in news throughout. Quite masterful marketing.

So there you go. Are you pre-ordering one?

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