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How To Manually Update Motorola Droid To Android 2.2 [Updated]

Update: Apparently, the Android 2.2 manual update does not work on Motorola Milestone phones. So, please try the following only on your Motorola Droid handsets.

Motorola Droid  users have started receiving over the air updates of the new Android 2.2 OS to their mobile phones. But if you are somehow not been able to update using the OTA link or would prefer to manually update your Droid to Android 2.2, the following steps may help.

Please do note that this will not work if you have rooted your Droid.

1. Click here to download the update file to your computer.

2. Rename the file to UPDATE.ZIP (If the .zip extension is not present, then rename the file simply as UPDATE. The extension should be automatically taken care of)

3. Move the file to the root of your SDCard

4. Switch off your phone

5. Boot your phone into recovery mode by holding power button and X simultaneously

6. You will now see a triangle with an exclamation point displayed. At this point, release both the buttons

7. Press the Volume-Up button and Camera button simultaneously

8. Use your D-Pad to select the “apply” option. Press the gold button on the D-Pad to continue

9. The update file will now be run. Once this is done, use the D-Pad to reboot your Motorola Droid

10. The phone will now reboot with the new Android OS

The manual update process is complete. Enjoy Froyo on your Motorola Droid.

6 replies on “How To Manually Update Motorola Droid To Android 2.2 [Updated]”


I tried the above procedure, when i try to update it says failed to verify the package. what should i do?

Hey Rohit and Nimish,

Please try renaming the file to UPDATE (and not UPDATE.ZIP) and let me know if it works.

It’s important to mention that the milestone and droid ARE NOT the same phone. This update was for the cdma droid only, not for the gsm milestone.
Don’t try this on your milestone.

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