Android 2.2 Manual Update For HTC Incredible Now Available

The Android 2.2 update for HTC Droid Incredible is not coming anytime now. So, if you are one of those who can’t wait to check out the latest Android OS on your Incredible device, here’s how you do it. Full credit to folks at Droid Life for the guide. Do note that this guide only works on non-rooted Stock Droid Incredible handsets.

1. Click here to download the update from Google’s website.

2. Rename the ZIP file to UPDATE and transfer it to the root of the SD Card

3. Press the Power button to switch your Incredible off.

4. Now press and hold both the Volume down button and Power button down. The device will reboot in the HBOOT mode.

5. You will now see the HBOOT screen, use the volume button for navigation and move the control to ‘RECOVERY’. Press the Power button to select the option

6. You will now see a screen that displays an exclamation mark within a triangle. At this point, hold the Volume up button and Power button down simulataneously.

7. Using your volume buttons for navigation again, scroll down to “apply” and press the Power button to select the option. The phone will now update with the latest software

8. Droid Incredible will now reboot to Android 2.2

The process is complete. Did it work?

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7 thoughts on “Android 2.2 Manual Update For HTC Incredible Now Available”

  1. Old news, installed this update manually yesterday. Runs a little smoother, not a big difference tho.

  2. The Froyo update is being pushed right now to the Incredible. The update was ready to install on my phone this morning.

  3. Also. some people may not realize that, when it says to rename the file to UPDATE.ZIP, you really only need to rename it to UPDATE (as the phone will realize it’s a ZIP file.

  4. i’m trying to update my phone but it says E: can’t open/ chche /recovery/command what do i need to do??

  5. Pete, I had the same issue and it turned out I had been copying it to the phone’s root directory and not the SD card. I still had the error, but I was able to update.

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