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Legally Unlock iPhone With $50 Fee On Rogers/Fido In Canada

Rogers Canada has announced a new device unlocking policy that makes it possible for iPhone and several other mobile phone users to legally unlock their device by paying a $50 unlocking fee. To be eligible for such an unlock, customers must have their account in good standing, should have paid the unsubsidized cost of the device at least 30 days prior to request or at least have fulfilled the contractual obligation.

Such customers may contact the Roger customer care at 1-888-Rogers1 and request an unlock. Do note that there is also a tax on top of the $50 and so the actual amount you will need to pay for the unlock will vary between $52.50 (for Alberta) and $57.75 (for Prince Edward Island).

Once the unlocking is done, the customer will have to restore their device by connecting to iTunes and the unlocked handset should be ready for use.

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I just went through the process of unlocking a Rogers iPhone, and would like to warn everyone that the cost is far from just $50. In order to unlock the phone, I first had to open a pay-as-you-go account, because they cannot accept credit card payments to unlock the phone. However, before I could put any money on the pay-as-you-go account, I had to activate it with a SIM card. Because Rogers “burned” my old SIM card when I cancelled my service with them, I had to purchase a new SIM card for $10+tax. Once my account was activated, I tried to put $52.50 on it, but you can only pre-pay in $10 increments, so I had to pay $60. Unlocking my iPhone cost $50+GST, but within 24 hours, they also charged me the $0.75 911 access fee. That left $6.75 in my pay-as-you-go account, which they would not refund when I cancelled the account. Total cost to unlock the iPhone in Alberta was therefore $70.50, and they effectively stole $6.75 from me. I really hope the NDP Cell Phone Freedom Act bill is passed, to prevent this thievery from Canadians. Join the petition at

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