How To Jailbreak A Blackberry Phone?

Ok, the title of the post may be misleading but I posted it so because there seem to be a lot of Blackberry newbies who think of all the “cool stuffs” iPhone users get to do after jailbreak and so want a similar experience for their Blackberry phones like Curve, Pearl, Storm, etc.

Reality is, unlike the iPhone which is closed to third party app downloads (unless they are from the App Store and Apple stands to make a commission out of a purchase), Blackberry is already open to third party downloads. So, jailbreaking a Blackberry really does not achieve anything. So go ahead and enjoy your Blackberry without jailbreaking.

3 thoughts on “How To Jailbreak A Blackberry Phone?”

  1. You are not correct, dear friend. Many applications that require international interface will not work on Blackberry, because it’s locked to service provider. You are in mercy of AT&T or Verizon to come with OS update that supports foreign languages. AT&T failed to do so for instance. 🙁

  2. nop, the reason that people want to jailbrak the BB, is to use the yahoo messenger and e-mail with wifi insted of business plan that cost 20 eur

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