How To Install Touch Screen On Laptop

There are several dozens of tablet PCs and touchscreen covertible netbooks launching in the market today that your year-old laptop or netbook may already appear old. Fear not, for you can install a touch screen to your laptop and flaunt a touch-responsive laptop. However, this is definitely not for those who have never broken into a laptop themselves. PC World writes,

“WARNING: Only skilled or daring hardware hackers should attempt this process. Voiding the warranty is the least of your concerns; you’ll have to solder parts together, cut away some of the laptop’s plastic housing, and otherwise make permanent changes that you can’t undo. Make the wrong move, and you’ll break the laptop. We are not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your PC as a result of your following our instructions.”

The process can be quite lengthy and involves unmounting the display, incorporating a touchscreen along the display and then assembling it back. The process is not so simple. Check out the entire tutorial here.