Group Video Calling On Skype Now Available With Latest Beta

Skype is without doubt one of the most lovely bits of VoIP software that help you connect with friends and family around the world. However until video calling was not possible when you had more than two users connecting to the chat. Consequently, group conferencing always had to be audio-only.

Now, Skype has announced that this is changing with the release of the latest beta version of the Skype software. The new Skype Beta 5.0 for Windows can connect upto 10 callers via video. However, to enable this, all users need to have this latest beta version installed on their machines. What’s more, this software currently works only on Windows.

Skype has warned that this is still a beta release and so you can expect the occasional bugs. Nevertheless, if this new group video conferencing feature on Skype has already got you excited, head over to the download page and start chattering.