Get FM Radio On Google Nexus One With Latest Kernel

You may probably know this already. Google Nexus One and HTC Desire sport the same processor chip from Broadcom. However, while the latter seamlessly lets users play FM radio on their smartphone, Nexus One users have hitherto remained unlucky.

According to reports, that could change soon. Google developer community member intersectRaven from the XDA Developers Forums has released a new version of kernel that will bring FM Radio to your Google Nexus One.

However, all’s not well as yet. It is up to the individual ROM developers to integrate their wares with this latest kernel in order to enable FM Radio on Nexus One. But if you are desperate to get it rightaway, just hold on. Paul O’ Brien from Modaco has revealed that he is already working on a new Sense UI port to Nexus One that will come integrated with FM Radio.