How To Get A Email Address

You may have already heard about the news that Facebook is launching a new messaging system that will provide a seamless integration of SMS, chat, email and messages. The new service will let users pick their favorite form of communication and can communicate with their friends without having to worry about the recipient being on the same platform. That means, a user may text to a friend who receives it over email and something that can be forwarded to another user as an instant message. Facebook is also offering a email address to users who want one. It’s not a necessity though.

So how do you get one? Facebook has indicated that the new messaging system will slowly roll out to all the 500 million odd Facebook users. So, you can login to your Facebook account to see if you have any notifications in this regard. If not, then check back till you get one.

And in case you want to have it earlier than that, you can request for an invitation by clicking here.