Quickly Discover New Android Apps And Install Using Fast Web Installer

Fast Web Installer QR
Presently, there is no easy click-and-install method to discover and install new apps to your Android phone. Android app AppBrain claims to solve this problem with its new Fast Web Installer utility.

Fast Web Installer is a web interface where users can surf through the thousands of Android apps at one place. The site works in conjunction with the AppBrain app market application that users need to install to their Android handset. Once done, users may simply click ‘Install’ against any of the apps that they come across on the Fast Web Installer interface and these apps are automatically installed on your handset.

This process is simple and does not require you to even pick your phone once. Of course, app removal is not equally intuitive and users may have to individually select these apps for removal.

While this is a pretty useful way to install apps, it needs to be noted that Google is working on a pretty similar web utility which is expected to launch soon. Nevertheless, until that happens, Android users may rejoice with Fast Web Installer.