How To Create New Google Docs Page From Gmail

If you are using Gmail or Google mail app for businesses as your primary work email, you may have at many times received official documents as text via email that you will require to copy-and-paste onto a new document to process the data further. Gmail has an easy solution for this.

A feature available on Gmail Labs allows you to directly create new files on Google Docs from your Gmail account. To get started, follow these steps

  • If you are on Gmail, click here to visit Gmail Labs. Alternately, click on the “green beaker” icon on the top of your Gmail page to launch Gmail Labs
  • See the ‘Create A Document‘ option? Click on ‘Enable‘ and scroll down to the bottom and save these changes.

Google Docs on Gmail

  • You will now see a new icon for ‘Create Document‘ on top of every email you have received. Clicking on this icon will automatically export the email you have received to a Google Document.

Google Docs on Gmail

Was that easy?