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Disabling Priority Inbox In Gmail

Google recently introduced a new feature on Gmail – Priority Inbox. The feature is pretty useful for those of you who have several hundreds of unread email and always find it difficult to sort through the list to check out the important messages. Google started rolling out the feature earlier this week and the Priority Inbox is now available on all the Gmail accounts.

However, for those users who do not get too many emails or who check unread mails fairly frequently, the new feature does not bring too much value. In fact, I found the service quite distracting. If you too find it the same way and are looking to disable the functionality, follow these simple straight-forward steps to disable Priority inbox in your Gmail account.

1. Click Settings on the top right hand side on your Gmail account

2. Click Priority Inbox

3. Select ‘Do not show Priority Inbox‘ and save the changes

Priority Inbox Disable

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