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How To Connect Jailbroken PlayStation 3 To PSN With Custom Firmware 3.55

After a recent attempt made from Sony to block the DNS method for playstation consoles running custom firmware 3.55, has still come up with yet another method to get these jailbroken PlayStation 3`s back again to the online Play Station Network.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make it work for you :

Step 1 :

Setup dnsmasq in order to resolve your regions update server accordingly, ( in my case) and use to your computer. You can add them under theĀ /etc/hosts section and leave the rest of the settings under dnsmasq as default.

Step 2 :

Download Charles Web Debugging Proxy Application and setup reverse proxies for these two addresses on port 80 and port 443. Also add to the list of locations in the SSL tab of Proxy Settings so that you are able to see the data that you are changing.

Step 3 :

Next, run the application and under Tools>Map Local, map the /update/ps3/list/uk/ps3-updatelist.txt on your regions server to a local copy.

Step 4 :

Download the asbestOS installer on your Play Station 3 and enable R/W access to /dev/flash.

Step 5 :

Rename charles-proxy-ssl-proxying-certificate.crt to xx.cer (where xx is an already exisiting certificate)and then use your preferred method to replace the one in your flash.

Step 6 :

Set your PS3 DNS to the one you had setup.

Step 7 :

Go to your Charles application and set a breakpoint over there on all the https:// POST Requests.

Step 8 :

Now make an attempt to connect to the Play Station Network.

Step 9 :

On seeing the request in Charles, edit any instance of 3.55 that you come across in the headers to 3.56 and then click on Execute.

Step 10 :

If it does not work in a single go, please try giving it multiple shots as it may take you a couple of tries to get signed in finally.

The following steps mentioned above are of a brief nature and so i would highly recommend to go through the detailed instructions over here which are available with complete screenshots.

Disclaimer Note : This article has been solely written for educational and testing purposes only. GoRumors does not take any responsibility for anything going wrong in the procedure nor has it developed ,endorsed or promoted the use of this hack. Please use this method at your own risk as you might end up getting banned on the Play Station Network.

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