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Advertise On Youtube With Self-Serve Overlay Ads

In January of this year, we had written about a Google patent application that described a way for small biz advertisers to easily create overlay ads on Youtube. Two months on, the rumor’s turned real with Youtube announcing that the website will now offer an easy way for advertisers to serve ads to their demographics.

In a blog post announcing the same, Youtube writes

“Now, any advertiser can use Display Ad Builder to turn their image ads into overlays and run a campaign on YouTube in minutes. Depending on the type of campaign an advertiser wants to run, overlays can be bought on a CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) basis, and can be matched to YouTube videos based on numerous criteria (like demographics or content categories), or even on a┬ávideo by video level.”

With a lot of how-to and tutorial videos on Youtube, we expect these videos to get a lot of advertisers bidding in order to reach the customer just when they are looking for something. This can be big for Youtube. And Google.

[Youtube Blog via NewTeeVee]

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