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Unable To Send Emails On Blackberry Enterprise Server? AT&T Tells How

Are you having trouble sending email over the Blackberry Enterprise Server? AT&T’s business tech support group has been offering video-based how-to support over YouTube for sometime now and the team has this week posted a good video tutorial on how to go about troubleshooting your problem.

The solutions offered include basic troubleshooting options like checking out whether terms like GPRS, EDGE and 3G are entered in the appropriate upper-case format and also teaches you how to enable enterprise activation.┬áIt’s a short video that will give you a brief of the basic steps involved. Of course, if these steps do not help you out, you could go ahead and call the AT&T tech support.

Nevertheless, check the video out for the “first-aid” steps. Is there any other troubleshooting step you would add?

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