Only 500 Microsoft Kin Sold Till Date?

What does Apple have that Microsoft doesn’t? Inarguably, a great marketing team. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the iPad is still just a little more than a glorified brick that offers little to no value. Yet, the Apple marketing team pulled it off.

Now rumors are doing the rounds that Microsoft has only managed to sell 500 Kin phones (both Kin One and Two combined) till date. This is a pretty unconfirmed rumor and needs to be taken with boatloads of skepticism. Other reports state that the sale numbers are at least in the lower end of 5 digit figures.

Nevertheless, the consensus is that Microsoft’s Kin line of phones may have just flopped. However, Verizon is more at fault than Microsoft in this case. The monthly costs are too high for a device that is not even a smartphone. Kin One and Two are priced at $50 and $100 respectively and Verizon mandates a minimum monthly purchase of $20 of data. Considering that the phones are mainly targeted at the teenagers, the cost may simply not be justified.

[via IntoMobile]