How Many Apps Are On The App Store?

There has been a little bit of debate over the past week about the exact number of apps that are now available on the Apple App Store. During the September 1 media event, Steve Jobs had announced that their App Store was home to close to 250,000 applications. On Saturday, a few websites “broke” the news that the store had already crossed the 300,000 app mark.

An addition of 50,000 apps in the span of a month and a half looks phenomenal, if not unbelievable. But are those numbers correct? According to a Fortune report, the websites that broke the news may have erred in picking the right metric to count the number of apps – which is still a guesstimating process. The announcement was made using the metrics used by Mobclix; an ad exchange that counts the number of apps based on the number of apps where their ads appear. The report notes,

“A better way to count iOS apps is to write a program that runs through the App Store looking at all the titles and comparing that list to the titles that were there the day before. That way you know which apps are still live and which, for whatever reason, have been pulled from the store. That’s the method used by and, our two favorite app trackers. According to 148apps and AppShopper, the number of iOS apps available for download in the U.S. as of Sunday morning was just shy of 280,000.”

So there you go. A more realistic number of apps on the App Store is close to 280,000. That means you still have a month or so before the 300,000 mark is reached.