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How Kinect Tracks User Movements – Hack Reveals Monochromatic Images

A while back, we had written an article detailing how the Kinect works. Those details were taken from a patent application that Microsoft had filed with the United States Patent and Trademark office. Now, while we know that the Kinect tracks user movements using a webcam, we have until not seen how Kinect “sees” things (Click here for a slideshow of all the latest Kinect news stories) .

Now, thanks a hacker, we can see how Kinect tracks movements from its end. The hacker has been able to break into the Kinect code to extract monochromatic images of data that is received by Kinect and has managed to export these video streams to a computer.

The hacker is reportedly the same person who successfully hacked the PlayStation Eye back in 2008. We are not sure if the source code of this application shall be released anytime soon. But with the system being hacked just three days post the launch of the device in the US, this is a job well done.

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