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How Google Nexus One Invites System Will Work?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Google’s upcoming mobile phone, named Nexus One. However, the biggest point of contention is how anyone can purchase a device themselves. It is implicitly understood that the whole distribution will be via an invites system, and that Nexus One wouldn’t be available outside this – at retail stores.

So, how will the whole thing pan out. From what we know till now, this is the possible way forward:

1. Google has been sending invites to people for a “special android media event” to be held on January 5. We do know that it is all about the Nexus One.

2. As part of the media event, the attendees will be given free invites that they may pass along to those in their network who want to buy a Nexus One.

3. All those who have an invite to purchase a Nexus One can proceed to the Google Phone website (not yet live) to make their purchase.

4. As part of the purchase, users will be required to register themselves at the site.

5.  Once these users register themselves, they shall be given additional invites to send it to their network.

6. The Google Phone website shall also become the destination for all future software upgrades.

So as you see, the system shall pretty much work like it did when Gmail was first introduced or as it has now been working with Google Wave. And Google has all the while known to keep the demand high above the supply in order to make their product tantalizingly attractive.

Considering that Google Wave invites sold for close to $70 on eBay, expect a lot more Nexus One auctioning to happen early next year.

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