Hogging The Limelight of Android 3.0 – Is Apple Doing A Microsoft?

With both Samsung and Motorola ready to unveil their next Android 3.0 Honeycomb sensations in the next couple of weeks, we begin to get leaked news from various sources reporting the launch of iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. If we observe carefully, we can observe a kind of ‘Microsoftism’ in these tactics. Back in the nineties, Microsoft was always leaking news about a compelling upcoming product of theirs a day or two before IBM or Novell had a launch planned. To be honest, this actually works wonderfully well, especially for Apple’s merchandise.

One would certainly want to wait another month or two to get his/her hands on an iPad 2 rather than an Android. But, all said and done, Google is enjoying a dream run with their Android OS and the results are evident with Android overtaking Symbian as the world’s most popular phone OS.

Now that the dirty games have started, the war is certainly going to spice up.