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Hacked U-Verse Android App For Non-AT&T Phones Released

A bad news for you if you have an AT&T U-verse subscription for viewing television at home and happen to sport a non-AT&T Android phone. The official AT&T U-verse app for Android phones is not compatible with handsets that are not carried by Ma Bell herself. However, the good news is that this is Android we are talking about which means a hack is always round the corner.

Folks at XDA have managed to hack the original .APK file of the official U-verse app which can now be used by U-verse customers to manage all the DVR programming from their Android phones on other carriers like Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile. Apparently the application is not hard-wired to be accessible only on AT&T phones and so it is pretty much carrier agnostic. You can hit this link to read about it and possibly install the hacked APK file.

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